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2010-01-26 10:48:51 quixote Added TH to L5R
2009-01-19 15:00:50 quixote added GotE to L5R
2008-11-12 09:44:01 quixote L5r Updated with IG1 (imperial gift 1) and a handful of recent promos
2008-09-22 18:50:20 quixote L5R updated through THW (The Heaven's Will)
2008-09-03 14:00:12 quixote L5R updated with UCP/CotM and all promos to present time
2008-02-01 10:41:06 quixote L5R updated with all sets and promos through Honor's Veil
2007-07-25 16:04:10 quixote SE released for L5R, SE added
2007-07-13 11:07:17 quixote Updated L5R with TTT, Tomorrow, and lots of Samurai edition promos
2007-02-11 14:37:47 quixote added Khan's Defiance to L5r
2006-09-29 15:48:55 quixote Added RotS to L5R
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