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This is intended for friends/family of Don/Jen to allow a child-safe environment to play minecraft in for all the family members.


To join, you will need to add the server to your server list:

PC (Java)

Then it will show up in Multiplayer

Phone/Tablet (Bedrock)

Then it will show up when you go to Play/Servers/Scroll to the bottom on left


InstanceJava AddressBedrock addressBedrock Port - don't change)

Joining for the first time

I have whitelisting turned on to make sure only safe people are on.
I can whitelist if you have your gamertag/uuid, or also you can just attempt to join, then send me a message and I can get the info I need from the join attempt.

These servers will work with PC or phone/tablet, any device can join.

This is a tool for me to help people join: xuid lookup tool (helpful link just for me). Add 00000000-0000-0000-


If you need help, the best way is to get ahold of me on Facebook Messenger, texting, or Discord. I've created an Eisele Discord for just friends/family, ask for an invite link if the link below doesn't work (people are muted until verified).

Don's cell: 785-341-7999
Discord link: Discord



This will probably be extensive, but we are using some extensions.


This are restrictions to improve game experience for everyone.